29 Apr 2020
7 Movies that Celebrate the Power of Women
At a time when it is imperative to stay at home, the world of literature and cinema keeps us company.
7 Movies that Celebrate the Power of Women

At Josefinas' Book Club we have been suggesting different books written by women, with female protagonists and strong messages of female power, and in conversation at one of our lunchtimes (yes, because even when we’re working from home, we don't forget our team breaks!), we came to the conclusion that it was time to suggest some movies that celebrate women's power. Here you have our recommendations.

Hidden Figures (2016)

In the 60s, in a time of great discrimination, "Hidden Figures" is an ode to equality and a symbol of justice.

This is the story of three black women who worked at NASA and fought to receive the respect they deserved while contributing to an important moment in the History of the United States and Humanity. Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson were able to make a difference at NASA, paved the way for other women to follow their dreams and overcame prejudice for having fought for values that must still be remembered today.


Thelma and Louise (1991)

Together, Thelma and Louise made a journey into an authentic friendship, which led them to the discovery of their true essence. Together they discovered their B Side. Thelma and Louise discovered a world where they could be free - at least for a while - and embraced adventure.

Written in 1988 and premiered in 1991, "Thelma and Louise" is a classic to which we will always return. The power of women is also in friendship.

Did you know that both protagonists were nominated for "Best Actress" at the Academy Awards? Oh, yeah!


Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

Elizabeth Gilbert comes to a breaking point in her life. At 30, she struggles with depression, she divorces her husband after an extremely complex process, she takes a break from her successful career, she loses her home, she questions her concept of family, and she leaves a new romance to find herself again. Liz, as she is kindly treated by her friends, decides to make a one-year trip to the three countries that seem most relevant to her at the moment: Italy, India and Indonesia.

The search for physical, mental and spiritual balance seems essential to her after having hit rock bottom on the floor of a bathroom in New York, and "Eat, Pray, Love" portrays this journey rigorously, showing once again that women are capable of anything.


The Help (2011)

A story of courage. “The Helps” revolves around racial discrimination and all the rules that separated black maids from white mistresses, but it puts us in a very interesting position as it also leads us to think about freedom of expression, domestic violence and education of children.

Racism is not a thing of the past and "The Help" reminds us of that through a fabulous cast and an exceptional argument.


Mulan (1998)

For our little fans (or for those who simply like animated movies - because there is no age for it!), an equally winning suggestion: Mulan, a Disney classic that shows all generations that girls/women are capable of anything and that the values defended by the Feminist Movement are still very contemporary.

Being a woman does not define strength, determination or the ability to fight (literally and figuratively), and Mulan proves it perfectly!


Legally Blonde (2001)

Who said pink couldn't be the color of power and success? Liking fashion is not synonymous of futility or lack of intelligence, and when a woman puts something in her head... there is no way of stopping her! Who said a fashion lover wouldn't be able to defend a cause in court?

"Legally Blonde" from 2011 proves that pink is power and that we don't need to apologize for being women - we are strong, we are unique, we are ourselves. This is the power of this color. A movie that presents all the stereotypes and destroys them as if they were a house of cards... deserves to be seen again and again!


Joy (2015)

We are Jennifer Lawrence’s fans and the movie "Joy", which starred in 2015, had to be on this list. It portrays the invention of a revolutionary mop and focuses on issues related to depression, entrepreneurship, struggle, friendship, feminism, financial flexibility, family and determination, leading us to create empathy with the characters almost instantly and making us reflect on our own dreams, goals and objectives.

"Joy" portrays an inspiring life story. Based on real facts, it is a movie that is worth the life lesson.