19 Dec 2019
Josefinas changed its name
At Josefinas we’re not only a shoe brand, we’re women.
Josefinas changed its name

On November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Josefinas changed its name to the names of women that were or can be victims of domestic violence. We gave voice to Diana, Laura, Maria...

During 24 hours we changed what is most valuable to us, our brand. On the Josefinas website and social media, we gave voice to all the domestic violence victims and urged you to join us in this movement. Your help and support were amazing!

On the 25th, hundreds of people joined us and changed their social media profile picture to one of the names of domestic violence victims. To those who joined us, we thank you! We believe that together we showed that we are alert and won’t remain silent while these crimes continue to happen!

In addition to this movement, Josefinas created a special edition of ballerinas that contributes directly to victims of domestic violence. Symbolically, each pair is engraved with a different name in its interior, as a reminder that any one of us can be a victim. The pair is available on Josefinas website!