18 May 2021
Meet the team... and the women who inspire us
We are surrounded by amazing women, who make us fight for a better future.
Meet the team... and the women who inspire us

We want to show you who is on this side more often, our inspirations, our motivations and preferences... and Women's Month has set the tone for a small series of five short videos about (some of) the Women in our lives. In this article, meet some of the faces that make up the Josefinas' team and, of course, the women who are always with us.


#01 Carolina and grandma Idalina

We start the miniseries "Meet the team... and the women who inspire us" and introduce two people: Carolina, Josefinas' Brand Manager, and her grandmother Idalina, who is still so missed.

Grandma Idalina (or "Vovó", as she was – and is still – called in the family) was born in 1920 and was always distinguished for being a fighter, humble, very supportive, and very fashionable.

Her early years in the Casa da Roda, where her grandparents raised all the unwanted babies that were left there anonymously, certainly contributed to her altruistic character. Grandma Idalina had 1001 jobs, depending on what came up (she ironed, she prepared the deceased for the wake, helped the market traders with their ceramics display, she was a midwife, helped the farmers with their crops, and much more), learned to read by herself, and she never stopped being helpful to her 9 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, fulfilling her duties, or helping those in need.

A Woman who made a difference in the lives of many people, who proudly exercised her right to vote, and who encouraged Carolina to fight for what she believes in, without leaving behind her taste for the world of fashion.

#02 – Francisca and her mother Eugénia

Francisca, responsible for supporting our clients and friends, has chosen to tell you about her mother, Eugénia, her best friend and her greatest inspiration. After all, the love between mother and daughter is something indescribable and very, very special.

Mom Eugénia is known for making the best sweets in the world, and despite being tiny (and therefore called "Geninha" by her friends), she has a giant heart. She is a light and young spirit, and just like Francisca, loves to talk and to know more about others and the world.

In the house where she grew up, a modest home with seven children, there was always room for one more at the table – today, mom Eugénia maintains those values and is always ready to help others and lend a hand to those who need it most. Sensitive, cheerful, and with a heart of gold, she leaves no one indifferent.

She is a strong-willed Woman and a wonderful mother, a true example that Francisca is privileged to follow, and is very proud to have at her side. Whenever we tell her that she looks like her mother, she gives us a smile the size of the world – and that says it all.

#03 – Isabela and her godmother Diane

Isabela, one of Josefinas' designers, had no doubts when we asked her to tell us about a Woman who inspires her: she immediately chose to share the story of her godmother Diane, who never allowed herself to be limited by the circumstances and who transmits a contagious happiness.

When Diane was born, the doctors said she would only have 1 year of life due to cerebral palsy, but the truth is, 47 years later, she continues to show the world her strength. Isabela's godmother lived most of her life in Canada, where she had access to countless opportunities that made her life more fulfilling (and she was never afraid to do what other children and young people would do).

Despite the prejudice, she lives her life with some limitations, but without resigning herself to her condition. The truth is that cerebral palsy is still a condition with many prejudices and stigmas, but society is adapting itself to a new form of thinking and acting. Diane has experienced this evolution in the first person. 

She and Isabela are inseparable, and day after day, her godmother teaches her that all dreams are valid, and that above all, we are all different - and that is what makes us special.

#04 – Diana and her friend Inês

The bonds of friendship don't have to be old to be authentic, and Diana, one of Josefinas' designers, found a friend for life in Inês, a Power Woman, who fights for Women's Rights and with whom she shares a visual project that focuses on the current housing crisis in the city of Porto.

Diana felt that she wasn't doing enough to contribute to a better world, and as she got to know Inês and her life story – a single mother since she was 25 and involved in so many initiatives related to the causes she believes in - Diana realized that the important thing is the commitment we put into an idea and not the number of causes we are involved in.

Also thanks to Ines, Diana is now more participative in the issues of the community around her – and all the women who encourage us to do more and better are women we want to keep in our lives, right?

A heart and an open mind will allow us to share life with people who inspire and support us; who make us question our path; who live wonderful adventures with us. Without judgments. Inês is like that and has all the credit for her path.

#05 Joana and her daughters, Ava and Maria

Our dear Joana, who works as Retail Manager at Josefinas, didn't hesitate to name her daughters when we asked her to make a video about women who inspire her.

Ava, who is 10 years old, and little Maria, who is 18 months old, remind us that the girls of today are also the women of tomorrow, and that Education is one of the most important pillars in their lives. Joana has been an exemplary mother, who fights for what she believes in and passes this message on to her daughters. After all, their lives are filled with dreams and books, which make them levitate, dream, and go beyond.

Thanks to our dear Joana and the wonderful people who support their growth, Ava and Maria can one day be the women they want to be, and based on their education and values, they will continue to fight for a fairer and happier world for other girls and women around the world.