05 Jun 2020
Together, we can change the world!
We believe that it is possible to change the world through.
Together, we can change the world!

Josefinas have some special editions, created with the goal to transform the lives of women and little girls in need. These are the editions that show that, together, we can change the world:

Josefinas Women for Women

For each 10 editions sold, we’ll help another woman.

One pair is yours, the other is for your best friend. The Women for Women edition is made up of two pairs of Josefinas, accessorized with crystals on their tips. When both pairs are facing each other, the crystals form a perfect circle that symbolizes the exclusive world of friendship between women. By celebrating your friendship, you’re celebrating the change in these women’s lives.

Together we’ll help them develop their skills and access new resources. Together we’ll make a difference!

Josefinas Women for Women are available in the version as in this picture, but also in gray, created in partnership with the activist Gloria Steinem, and in a pink silk model, which we have name Vie en Rose.

Ballerinas for Mother and Daughter

Investing in the future of a girl is the best investment you can make to combat poverty.

Girls who go to school are healthier, make more money as adults, marry later and make the education of their children a priority. Education is an investment that pays off now and in future generations.

In countries in conflict, school infrastructures are precarious and dangerous for children’s development. In partnership with CARE, our mission is to build a school for girls only, because we know that the best investment that can be made to fight poverty in the world is the education of a girl. With the purchase of a Sweet, Sweet Love edition you’ll assure a better future for the daughters of many mothers.

And did you know that without school uniforms, children in underdeveloped countries don’t have access to education? These are mandatory – currently 31 million girls are prevented from going to school. Thousands of families can’t afford these costs, and many girls are faced with no future.

For each Tenderness Blue purchase, and in partnership with CARE, 2 girls in Africa will receive uniforms, taking a step towards a better future.

Josefinas x Jacqueline Bissett T-shirt

This is the first line of Josefinas’ t-shirts, the sales support victims of domestic Violence. For each t-shirt sold, one woman is helped for a month through APAV.

Each t-shirt tells the story of a woman victim of domestic violence, and they’re all the mirror of the story of thousands of women. Domestic violence is a crime that happens behind closed doors, with hundreds of thousands of women suffering in silence.

This special edition has the signature of British artist Jacqueline Bissett, well-known for her hand rendered fashion illustrations.

Mother and Daughter Sneakers with Bow Fur

The Louise Sneakers are a success among girls and women, but the Bow Fur edition has a very special characteristic (and is extra cute, obviously!): 20 % of sales revert to Women for Women. By buying this edition you’ll be contributing to the independence of women in post-war countries and will help us change lives!

Josefinas You Can Leave: Strong, Leave e Speak

For each pair sold, we’ll help 5 women fighting domestic violence.

We have created three pairs of sneakers, all with 5 common symbols that show how to care – they’re printed so that no one forgets that a relationship is meant to be based on love, mutual care, and respect for the individuality of each other, not based on violence, guilt, shame, intimidation, or control.

Strong, Leave, and Speak are the three sneaker models that contribute directly to help 5 women who suffer from domestic violence, for a month, with the help of APAV.

Josefinas You Can Leave Shoelaces

This special edition of shoelaces contributes to help victims of domestic violence through APAV (Portuguese Association for Victim Support). For each 15 pairs sold, 5 women will be helped for a month.

Each pair of shoelaces has 5 symbols with the following meaning: No controlling; No guilt; No intimidation; No shame; No violence.
Use them proudly!