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01 Jun 2021
Josefinas’ Book Club: A Woman of No Importance
A book that highlights the importance of responsibility, perseverance, resourcefulness, loyalty, our history, and respect for all human beings.
27 May 2021
The XX collection has grown!
Summer is less than a month away, and these are the perfect allies for the upcoming walks on sunny days.
21 May 2021
Josefinas featured in the Glitter Show
We received our dear Carina Caldeira, who is also a fan of Josefinas, in our atelier. Watch the story!
18 May 2021
See you in Lisbon?
We will finally return to our beautiful capital city at the end of May. Mark in your calendar and let
18 May 2021
Meet the team... and the women who inspire us
We are surrounded by amazing women, who make us fight for a better future.
17 May 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: The Lido
We believe we are stronger together, when two women come together, wonderful things happen.
13 May 2021
Ellie Goldstein wears Josefinas!
The model who has been breaking stereotypes wears Josefinas!
11 May 2021
We design your dream Josefinas... and give new life to the ones that have followed you around for the longest time!
Did you know that besides having a pair of Josefinas made exclusively for you, you can also give them a
05 May 2021
Josefinas Tiptoe: sophisticated and timeless
We wanted to develop a young, dynamic and elegant collection of ballerinas that would bring a good mood to everyday
01 May 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: Girl, Woman, Other
It was no coincidence that Bernardine Evaristo won the Booker Prize and the British Book Awards with this work.
25 Apr 2021
A journey through the fight of Portuguese women
Why should we, as Portuguese women, celebrate April 25th?
16 Apr 2021
Josefinas’ Book Club: Convenience Store Woman
Our new suggestion of the month for the Josefinas’ Book Club is “Convenience Store Woman”, by the Japanese author Sayaka
09 Apr 2021
Our suggestions for the brides of 2021
Flat shoes, elegant, and handcrafted for a meaningful day.
06 Apr 2021
Josefinas highlighted in VOGUE Mexico!
These are the ballerinas you will want to wear with jeans!
06 Apr 2021
We were chosen for the University of Chicago's Live Cases!
Josefinas' experience was highlighted in the MBA of Kellogg School of Management.
01 Apr 2021
Josefinas’ Book Club: The Authenticity Project
What if we always told the truth?
30 Mar 2021
Josefinas Dear Blue are now available for mothers and daughters!
Spring is finally here, and it has brought a new color to our Josefinas collection for children.
25 Mar 2021
Together, we will promote Gender Equality and Education!
We believe that the best gift we can give to a child is their education.
18 Mar 2021
Josefinas Suede got a new color!
Josefinas Suede Blue is now part of the iconic No.1 Collection.
16 Mar 2021
Josefinas in shades of blue
If you are a fan of blue, you will love the suggestions we have put together in this article.
16 Mar 2021
Meet the Josefinas team... and the books that have impacted us the most
We believe the way that each book impacts us reveals something about ourselves and our personality.